Frugal and smart

Frugal’s is a drive-up, no-sit-down burger place in the Northwest.

Unlike some parts of the country, around here – employees are hard to find.

Well, more accurately, good employees who are willing to show up on time and work are in short supply. All over Western Montana, businesses are having difficulty with staffing. Construction companies offer $28/hr one day and find that their guys went to some other job for $29/hour. Yeah, it says something about the person involved, but the point is that they are struggling.

On the other hand, Frugal’s is paying more and requiring more of their people.

Instead of paying minimum wage, they start their people at $7.50 an hour.

Here’s the smart part: If you meet certain criteria for the last pay period, your pay is $8 per hour.

The criteria might annoy some because they are paying for behavior that simply should be normal, but they are doing what it takes to make it happen. Others just wring their hands over it and complain about it.

To make $8 an hour for the last pay period, Frugal’s people must 1) show up for all shifts, 2) show up ON time for 100% of your shifts, and 3) be a friendly, enthusiastic team player who is friendly to their customers.

So instead of harping on their people all the time about showing up, they simply pay them extra to do so. Easily saves .50 an hour worth of management time, much less gray hair and both staff and management morale.