Getting it in Vegas

You are soooo bad. You never expected this to be about customer service, didya? 🙂

A while back, I took the family down to Vegas to meet the in-laws. They were at a convention, so we shacked up at Caesar’s with them. This was kinda last minute, so of course, when I made reservations I got puckered up for $800 for 5 days of hotel room. We don’t get to see the in-laws all that often and they’re pretty cool, so I got over it (plus I planned to visit a client).

So I go to check in, give the nice lady my card and we’re off to find my wife’s parents. Not 10 minutes later, they tell me that they already had a room for us right next to theirs. Paid for.

Expecting to get little or no consideration, we go down to the counter and explain to the lady (same one) that I had just checked in (not even visiting our room yet) and found out that we already had a room. At first, we got a little bit of push back when asking to check back out with no repercussions, but the lady figured out that if she forced us to accept our mistake (caused by our own lack of communication), three things would probably happen: 1) my father in law’s company wouldnt likely ever book rooms at Caesar’s again, 2) neither would I, and 3) both of us would probably tell everyone we knew about how Caesar’s screwed us around.

Neither of us threatened any of those things, but we didn’t act like we wanted 2 rooms either.

She got it. Killed the charges on my card for $800+, had someone haul our stuff to our real room and swapped keys. And smiled and wished us a great visit to Vegas. AND she didn’t feel the need to contact 3 supervisors to make it happen. Caesar’s had trained her and empowered her to make decisions to keep their clients happy.
So…I got it in Vegas:) Good, conscientious service, that is, and from an “evil casino hotel” as some call them.
Our stay was uneventful, pleasant, clean and fun. Good job, Caesar’s.