Goals, Marketing and the Catholic Store

Today’s guest post comes from Ian over at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore, where he talks about his discoveries at a recent marketing trade show.

Even if you don’t own a Catholic book store, you’ll find some “yep, I oughta be doing that” stuff in here.

Here’s just a sample of the ribs Ian pokes in his post:

  1. Can you tell what your gross profit for the year was last year?
  2. Can you tell what your top 100 sellers were and how many you sold on average each month?
  3. Can you identify your top 20 retail and top 5 parish customers?
  4. Can you identify what items in your store didnâ??t sell last year?
  5. Can you tell by gross profit what your top two marketing efforts were last year?
  6. Can you tell how many sales were produced by yellow page ads?
  7. What was your return on investment for online advertising?

Ian’s post is at http://catholicinformation.aquinasandmore.com/2008/02/18/new-years-resolution/