Have any of you ever endured an inspection by the CPSC police?

Behind bars
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Someone posted this on the site today as a comment but I think it’s worthy of a post of its own.

This comment came from Charlotte Reppy, of Grammies Attic in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Enforcement is a joke. Have any of you ever endured an inspection by the CPSC police? I was paid two visits by their kind folks when one of my friendly competititors turned me in for selling custom made cotton nightgowns that were primarily sold to little girls who were dancing the part of Clara in the Nutcracker Suite ballet. (Others were sold to parents for their children to ride Polar Express trains and for Christmas Card portraits. (http://www.grammies-attic.com/new-nannys-touch-white-cotton-nightgown-with-white-eyelet-trim.html) None were sold as sleepwear.) CPSC hauled away $1000 of beautiful gowns, not mass made in some lead-laden China sweatshop, but each individually sewn by a US seamstress sitting at her sewing machine using a vintage pattern. Three years later, the case has never been resolved, so I am still subject to product recall, fines, and imprisonment for violating flammability standards.

Now Iâ??m sitting on $150,000 of uncertified inventory, most of which is cotton and linen christening apparel. By the way, Iâ??m 5 miles away from CPSC headquarters. Guess who is going to be the first one visited on February 10? Anyone know where I can get some yellow Police Hazard tape to mark off all the â??Hazardous Wasteâ? that I canâ??t sell in my store?

Simply stunning.

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  1. I hope that she didn’t let them in without a warrant…search and seizure anyone? What happened to the Fourth Amendment…heck even drug dealers are accorded that: First they would have needed some type of warrant . In order to get any judge to sign off on a warrant they would have needed proof of some probable cause for suspicion….Its safer to sell meth nowadays than baby booties!

  2. ittybitty you said it! Just because you have a badge makes you no mor e important then some joe schmoe coming into my house. I don’t know you. My first duty as a parent is to protect my child, you’re not coming into my house without a warrant! Anyone can get a badge and police uniform now. Besides if you didn’t market them as sleepwear how could you be blamed if a parent let their child sleep in it? I buy pjs from The Childrens Place all the time that comes with a huge yellow tag that they are not flame resistant and not to let my child sleep in them. what am I supposed to use pj’s for? wall art? lol

  3. This makes me so upset. Just this weekend I was shopping at a big warehouse club. I found some pajamas that I wanted to purchase for my granddaughter. But as I looked for her size on the table, I noticed a tag on all the garments. I said that the garment was not “non-flammable” and to use caution. However, the garments were being sold as pajamas and sleepwear. And guess where they were made? Yep good ole CHINA!!!

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  4. My understanding is sleepwear is no longer required to “non-flammable” ; which is why it is so tight these days those most children are uncomfortable wearing it, leading to parents buying the next sizes up, which is supposed to be more dangerous by letting in more air that would allow more fire. However, the same groups who are behind the CPSIA (the ones who pushed for the “flammability” standards) are also the ones who pushed for it to be removed because of the chemicals used.

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