Hotseat Radio

Listen to Small Business Marketing Hotseat on internet talk radio Just the facts, maam? Once a week on Friday at 1:00pm Mountain time, I host a 30 minute call in radio show about small business marketing and operations strategies on BlogTalkRadio.

Got a business problem you want to solve? Call me during the show at 646-716-9368, but remember: 30 minutes doesn’t leave much time, so call right on time.

How to listen to Hotseat Radio:

  • Listen to archived shows at
  • Subscribe with iTunes to get the show automatically downloaded to your computer.
  • Listen live on Fridays (usually) at 3pm Eastern time, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific.

Sometimes I have things on Friday that can’t be rescheduled. In those cases, I typically have the show on the prior Wednesday, same time.