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My goal is to help small business owners get (and keep) more customers, become more productive and thus, become (more) profitable.

On the way there, you’ll find that I ask troubling questions and deliver much needed clarity.

If you’re on a tight budget, I strongly suggest you start with the Rescue Interview. Except for Escape the Whirlpool and a Pocketful of Help, every product or service I offer starts with the Rescue Interview. That should tell you something about how important it is.

Terms: All products and services are paid in advance and they are 100% guaranteed. I use Paypal (no, you don’t need a Paypal account) to protect us both from credit card fraud, make it easy for you to pay, and easy for me to refund your money in the rare event that is necessary. Travel expenses are not refundable, of course.

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Escape the Whirlpool

There’s a recurring question from business owners who read my blog, newspaper column, attend a conference or hear me speak on business topics: “How can I actually get this stuff done?”

They ask this question because they’ve taken part in a discussion that got them excited about implementing the things we’ve talked about. The trouble starts when they actually get back to the office – “the crisis of the moment” takes over.

Instead of working on improving their business, they fall right back into the cycle of working for their business.

Escape the Whirlpool provides accountability for that. It’s designed to help you remember why you took the time to go to that conference, read that book or that blog post – and why you were so excited about it in the first place.

Most important, it’s designed to help you *finally* GET THAT STUFF DONE.

If you don’t Escape the Whirlpool, will you ever achieve your biggest, craziest, most audacious goals? I think you already know the answer.

Investment: $49


The Rescue Interview

Sometimes, if not always, painful to fill out, but always a source of inspiration and insight. It pulls the “Why you I this?” and “What’s really going on with my business?” out of you and rewards that pain with analysis and advice on how to get things straightened out.

The Interview requires filling out my 40+ point interview. Once you return it to me, I’ll review and respond to point-by-point to everything you said. It’s far from just another fill-in-the-blanks at the doctor’s office. It’s more like a workout, guilt trip and todo list all wrapped together.

Just filling it out is enough to get some business owners pointed in the right direction, but I’ll respond regardless. I think you’ll find it worth ten times the price.

Investment: $299



A Pocketful of Help

Ever gone into a meeting needing a little more “something” than you had ready? Or just needed to “pick my brain” and get some ideas and a direction for a project, proposal or upcoming event that just isn’t clear enough?

That’s what A Pocketful of Help is all about. We’ll spend up to 30 minutes on the phone getting me up to speed on what the situation is and what you want out of it. Based on the conversation, I’ll respond with something you can use for your meeting (verbatim, if you wish), proposal or event.

The goal of Pocketful is not to hand you a perfectly described solution or a fistful of undeniable answers on a silver platter. That isn’t going to happen after a 30 minute conversation and a few hours of research and thought. What it will do is give you the clarity and direction you need to navigate successfully through your meeting, situation or event. Where you go from there is up to your team.

Investment: $299

Note: Half of your Pocketful investment can be applied toward other services within 30 days of delivery.



What’s Your Story?

If you’ve read Chet Holmes’ book “The Sales Machine”, you know what a core story is and hopefully, you know why you need one. What happens next is the hard part. Many of us struggle to identify and verbalize the parts of our own story that resonate with our market. Dan Kennedy tells a story about a client who happens to be a former Iowa prison guard turned real estate investor – a guy who is incredibly successful. That little piece “former Iowa prison guard…” may not make people say “Hey, he’s just like me”, but it does build the vision of “If he can do it, so can I.”

That’s part of what a core story does. Another critical part comes from Simon Sinek, who tells us that people buy in part because of the reason we do things – our own “Reason why”. These things are tightly integrated with your core story.

My “What’s Your Story” service is ideal for helping you identify and produce your core story. It starts with the Rescue Interview and continues as we edit, fine tune and match the “How I got here” and the “Why I do this” with what you do.

It’s a story that reflects your business values and it’s really yours. You won’t have to memorize it or carry around a card to read it from, because you already know it. My role is to pry it out of you, polish it and make it something that attracts customers to you and your business.

Investment: $1499, includes The Rescue Interview.


Paper Trail Live

Paper Trail is designed to root out inefficiencies and “We’ve always done it that ways” when it makes sense, while quietly finding hidden profit in your business.

I follow every business process and workflow that I can find and provide written analysis of each one. I study the interactions between business processes, departments and people. I might suggest elimination of a process, enhancement of it, automation, or no changes at all. You get a written action plan to make the changes I would make if I bought your business.

How long does it take on-site? For small businesses, 1 day is usually sufficient. For larger businesses, I will estimate the number of days for you after receiving your completed new client interview form with the first day’s payment.

Investment: $6999 per day that I am on-site, plus travel expenses


Paper Trail

This service is designed like Paper Trail Live, but is intended for businesses that I cannot physically visit. Like Paper Trail Live, it is designed to root out inefficiencies and “We’ve always done it that ways” when it makes sense, while quietly finding hidden profit in your business. While Paper Trail is effective, nothing is as useful as being there like I am for Paper Trail Live. Includes The Rescue Interview.

Investment: $3999


Business Coaching

Sometimes I’m the devil on your shoulder, sometimes I’m the angel. No matter what, I’m always on the side of increasing your bottom line and improving your business results. We’ll identify the walls you’ve run into, then we’ll work on strategies to scale each of them. We’ll dissect your business and put it back together. We’ll talk about your staff, your competition, your products and services, training, management, sales, website, you name it.

Every session, we’ll set an agenda for next time and you should expect me to hold you accountable for our discussion. That alone is worth the price. The 100% guarantee period on each session ends when the next session starts. That gives you the entire session AND the period until the next one starts to claim a refund.

Business coaching requires a six-month commitment. It’s simply too much of an investment for both of us to do anything less. Your sessions cannot start until I have received your completed Rescue Interview (required), whose price is not included in the coaching fee.

Investment options:

  • One 60 minute session per month: $399, charged in advance of the session each month.
  • Two 60 minute sessions per month: $599, charged in advance of the first session each month.


Pick My Brain

Sometimes you just want expert help “on retainer” that you can call when you need a few minutes of advice – and do so right now. I call that “Pick My Brain” or PMB. It offers unprecedented telephone access to me.

When you “Pick My Brain”, you can call for 5 minutes, 45 minutes or whatever, as you need it. I keep track of the time for you and provide you with an audit trail of our conversations. Minutes do not roll over from month to month because I want you to use and benefit from what you’ve invested in. Obviously, PMB requires that I have your credit card number on file.

Note: There are only 3 slots available in this program because of the time and interruption load it places on me. In addition, if you fail to use what we talk about, I will probably “fire you” from the PMB program so that someone who *will* use it can do so.

Investment: $299 per hour, automatically charged in advance each month, minimum 3 month commitment required.


The Rescue Web Review

How to get started: The review starts soon after I receive your completed Rescue Interview. I’ll email a link to The Rescue Interview (included in the Rescue Web Review) upon receipt of payment. The thought process you’ll go through in filling out the Rescue Interview is worth far more than the investment in the web review.

What you’ll receive: A video review of your website taken from the perspective of the market you’re in, the customers you serve and your responses to the Rescue Interview. The Web Review includes detailed written notes to help you address each shortcoming found, angles to leverage, marketing thoughts and more. Among other things, the review covers navigation, speed, SEO, marketing, content, strategy, media, and your site’s synergy with your stated intent in the Rescue Interview. When you receive it, you’ll have a roadmap to getting your website where you want it to be.

Investment: $799



The Rescue Strategic Marketing Roadmap

If worrying about your business wakes you in the middle of the night or distracts you all day long – I don’t need to tell you there’s a problem.

Before you give up on your dream, ask yourself one question – and be honest: Are you really sure this business won’t work? Sometimes the world isn’t ready for our great idea or unexpected events conspire to foil our plans.

However, if you believe in your business, why aren’t sales better? Isn’t your marketing working? What’s keeping the business from moving to the next level?

After learning about your business and the problems causing you lost sleep, I’ll create a strategic/marketing roadmap that gives you a step by step plan to turn things around and get you back in business and sleeping well.

This process includes not just a marketing plan, but a month-by-month checklist of what you need to do to arrive at the 12 month goal you have for your business.

The Roadmap also includes a 45 minute phone call each month for 12 months, which gives us the opportunity to discuss your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Investment: $6500 plus 3% of increased gross monthly sales (vs. same month, prior year).


The Rest of the Story

Custom-tailored technology and business/marketing/strategic services beyond the level of the services already discussed tend to be very specific to your business needs. We’ll discuss those when the time comes.

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