How do you get your clients to talk?

Today’s guest post comes from Andy Sernovitz, who talks about the results of a brainstorming session to generate great word of mouth marketing ideas.

The neat thing about this is that it’s a step well beyond what most of these places do now – even though what they do now isn’t completely ordinary.

They’ll give you elaborate instructions and prepare you far better than most medical businesses will do. For example, a friend of mine came back from the well-regarded Lasik place in Calgary (thrilled with the work on her eyes) and said that they “even thought to tell her to bring a $20 bill to pay for the cab that they’d have waiting for her”.

In fact, they told her to put it in a pocket by itself so she could find it easily, and to have the hotel address written down for the cab driver since she wouldn’t necessarily be able to see well when she left the eye doctor’s office.

Smart, but they didn’t go far enough.

They could have taken her back to the hotel themselves in their specially branded vehicle. I suspect their attorney or insurance provider quashed that idea. One accident would eat up a lot of eye surgery profits.

A step farther? Read Andy’s post.

I suspect you’d tell someone about that experience. I know I would.