How to make follow up actually happen

Lately, I’ve been nagging you a bit about getting better about following up. And we talked about how you can identify hard dollar revenue to your follow ups.

One of the obstacles to following up is knowing when do to so.

Do you follow up a week after a purchase? A month? 3 months?

That depends on your products and services. There isn’t one good answer to the question – actually 2 questions:

  • When will my client need more product, or another service?
  • When will my client know whether or not that the product or service I just sold them is doing what I promised – or that it should be replaced with something different or better?

Another big obstacle to get past is putting the mechanisms in place so that the follow up actually occurs. Yes, I mean establishing business processes, thus – get out your E-Myth.

The important piece to that is to make it a systematic process that is ingrained into your business, so that the follow up occurs whether you are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, chatting with the owner of your local coffee shop, or sitting in the office doing what you do to improve your business.

It doesn’t really matter whether you accomplish that with automation, software or a hand-written calendar, but that’s the key to making it happen.

Without a commitment by you (aka management) that it’ll get done as a part of everyday business, it’ll never happen. Instead, it’ll be one of those things you do when you have nothing else important to do.

Which means that eventually, it’ll never get done, assuming it ever got done at all.

The first step to making follow up actually happen is for YOU to commit to it as a core piece of your business.

And just in case you think it might not matter…think about the last time someone asked you how things are going with that product you just bought, or that service that was performed.