Human capital and other juicy business buzzwords

I’m on the road to Billings today for tonight’s GKIC coaching group meeting so I won’t likely have time to post till tomorrow.

As such, I thought I’d share a signature that I saw last Monday in a newsgroup post. Chock full of high-value business buzzwords that make me tremble uncontrollably (or not), it uses 2 of my favorite words, “human capital”. Oh and CAPITALIZED, no less.

You know what human capital is, don’t you? It’s those folks you might otherwise call your employees, associates, staff, etc. Those same people who are the friendly (or not) face of your company as far as your clients are concerned.

By building business solutions based upon Human Capital, Mulligan Services, Inc. is on the forefront of providing the competitive edge needed in today’s marketplace. Our full-service approach, widespread knowledge of the technology marketplace and qualified staff allows us to respond to your distinctive needs and particular requirements swiftly.

Human Capital“? Pffth.

Is that really what you’re looking for? If so, can I see a deposit slip?