Can we depend on your business? 2 minutes can change it all.

In other words, can your community of clients depend on the quality, promptness, on-time-performance and regularity of everything you do for them?

Now is the time to start figuring out how to address that. For many businesses, these next 9-10 days are the slowest you’ll see all year. 

Even if they aren’t, take TWO minutes to talk to those who come in, call or email. 

Tell them you want to make sure that your service to them in 2009 is better than it was in 2008. Ask them for their help and let them know that 2 minutes is all you need.

Ask these things

Ask them if they depend on you.

If they say yes, ask them why.

If they say no, ask them why not – and shouldn’t you wonder why they are still coming back? – Ask.

Ask them what they can no longer depend on you for that they once did, if anything.

Ask them who at your business they can always depend on.

Ask them who at your business they can no longer depend on. 

Ask them if they can still depend on the quality of every single product or service you sell. 

If they say no, ask them which list is shorter – the ones they can depend on, or the ones they can’t depend on?

Once they answer, ask them for the items in the shorter list.

Get to work

With the answers to these questions in hand, it’s time to get to work.

Armed with these answers and a yellow pad, you can come up with strategies to deal with them even if you’re sitting in your easy chair. 

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a panini sandwich, an oil change or a complex legal question related to salmon fishing in international waters. It can be improved. 

You can do it. Start by asking for two minutes of your customers’ time.

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  1. You’re correct these are among the slowest days of the year for all but retailers. I’ve asked these same questions with people I do business with on a routine basis, the ones that gave the right answer we grew with tremendously in 2008, the ones that had to get back to us with an answer we’ve all but forgotten about.

    Greens last blog post..Growing Through Difficult Economic Times

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