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Is your business dependent on suburbia?

Lajpat Nagar
photo credit: wili_hybrid

Today’s guest post comes from TED.

It’s a 20 minute video presentation by James Howard Kunstler about the “Tragedy of Suburbia”, and there is a strategic business message in here that is worth examining, especially given what is going on in the energy business.

Is your business dependent on the current structure of suburbia? Strip malls, mega stores and so on? I know that a good portion of my readers are independent business owners, so I’m not too concerned about the box store situation but many of you use the box stores as a way of gaining additional traffic. Not unlike the remora that clings to the shark, I guess.

WARNING: The F word is used in the video 3-4 times, but I suggest that you not discard the overall message simply because of that.