Is your business easy to call?

Are you easy to call? I don’t specifically mean you, I’m really talking about your business.

I happened to be looking at a credit card “Contact Us” page today and needed to click the “Call us” link because I needed to talk to a real live human being. Imagine that.

The contact us page had a “Call Us” link, which lead to this page:



And 5 links. And that was AFTER seeing all the links, phone numbers, addresses and other stuff on the main contact page where they try to keep you from calling.

Here’s a suggestion for you if you are looking at trying to make your site easier to use: Don’t learn from the site you see below.

To reach the ultimate in simplicity, they could replace all of these phone numbers with:

Lost card / ID theft: 1-800-950-5114

All other customer service needs:  1-800-whatever. If outside the US, call collect 605-whatever.

Simple. Even Homer Simpson would know what number to call when looking at this list.

Two numbers might be too few, but THIRTY ONE?

What’s sad about this is that once you dial one of these 31 numbers, you STILL get the joy of pressing 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, then your account number, then choose what you want to do, then hold till whenever. So why complicate it even more by adding a zillion different numbers to call, and any of them could easily be the right choice.

Isn’t small business EASY compared to the Fortune 500?

Ask yourself this simple question: When I call a business, what do I want to happen?

Make that happen when the phone rings at YOUR business.