Is your business, or some part of it, on autopilot?

As you read this, or at least, as WordPress posted it on Saturday morning, I’m out in the woods on a campout with my Scout troop.

I’m not bragging, but I am trying to make a point: Have you taken steps to automate the parts of your business that shouldn’t require manual attention? The parts that should happen when you aren’t there.

No, its not a big deal that I can set the publish date for a blog post – its a big deal that you can do it for weeks at a time. You can write your posts when you get in the zone, schedule them (in most blog software) and they will show up on your blog when you indicate.

Now, think a little bigger.

How many things in your business should (or could) happen automatically?
Some examples:

  • Leads entered on your web site automatically end up in your back office systems and become a part of the marketing funnel that all other leads are in.
  • Sales entered on your website by internet clients end up in the same database as the sales by your local retail store.
  • Inventory changes affected by online sales are automatically reflected in local retail store or warehouse inventory.
  • Online inventory counts in your web store are automatically updated when a local retail store sale occurs.

Or you can do all of that stuff by hand. There are lots of examples. These are the kinds of edges that Wal-Mart has over most retailers. There’s no reason why your business cant do the same – on a lot simpler scale than Wal-Mart has to deal with.