It’s Time To Renew Your Do Not Call Listing

Seems like only yesterday that you moseyed on over to and registered your phone(s) for the Do Not Call list.

Well, that 5 years of peaceful dinners, early Saturday mornings with the paper (or your spouse) is over, Chuck.

It’s time to do it again: Register your phone numbers.

Go to, put in your phone numbers and a VALID email address. You’ll get a confirming email and then your numbers are on the list. Don’t worry about getting spammed by the Do Not Call list – it doesn’t happen.

Be sure to use the link in the confirmation email within 72 hours or your numbers WILL NOT be placed on the list.

Or you could make millions of telemarketers happy, and just blow it off.

There’s a big marketing lesson here: Act like a jerk when you use your marketing tools and those tools will be taken away from you. Remember, that earlier this year even here in the independence-minded state of Montana, someone was trying to ban direct mail until myself and others woke up the legislature.

The same thing happened on telemarketing calls – except it’s now illegal. Before people went nuts and decided to call you every single day during dinner, telemarketing calls weren’t considered as such evil things. But, as usual, someone just couldn’t control themselves, went overboard and now you have what you have – only non-profits and politicians can call you during dinner. Like I really want to talk to my Senator’s fundraising people during dinner more than I want to talk to someone hawking a new credit card. I don’t think so:)

Smart marketing doesn’t annoy to the point where you get ignored. It makes the prospect think “That’s for me”.