Jim Rohn is on top of his shopping cart. Are you?

I really like it when someone I do business with is thinking and trying to take care of me without being asked (or harassed repeatedly, for that matter).

I was in Jim Rohn’s site the other day ( http://www.jimrohn.com ) and stuck something in my shopping cart so that I wouldn’t forget it. A couple of days later, Hannah from Jim’s office called to talk to me about it.

To note that I had something in my shopping cart when I left their online store the other day and she wanted to make sure that I didnt have an order problem of some kind. In her message, she said she had all the info she needed except for a credit card and noted that if I still wanted to complete the order, I could call her personally to take care of it.

I wonder how many sales they’ve rescued by doing that? Really smart.

In a related matter – A while ago, we added our 800# to the top of our store pages rather than just on the “Contact us” page.

Results? We’ve started getting more calls – 99% of which are to place an order. Either people like the personal contact, or they are struggling with the store, or they just dont want to use their card online or something – but the bottom line is – they are calling to order, not just shoot the breeze.