Let’s Do Lunch

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Me.

I get a fair number of invites to go to lunch. The conversation goes something like this:

Wanna go to lunch? I’d kinda like to pick your brain about (details).

Sometime later, I’ll run into that person at the grocery store or at a Chamber meeting, so we’ll stop and chat. Naturally, I ask if they’ve done (a), (b) or (c) that we discussed when we went to lunch.

Almost without exception, the answer is something like:

No, I’ve been busy and haven’t had time.”

Frustrating for me, as well as the business owners who actually invest in my advice, deliverables and other stuff. The trouble with the “pick your brain” question is that it leads to…

The theory of free business advice:
If you didn’t pay for it, you rarely use it.

I realize that the easiest way to get the “work with Mark” ball rolling is to invite me to lunch. So…if you want to have a serious business lunch where we’ll discuss a problem you’re facing, let’s do lunch.

For $99 and the price of our lunch, you’ll get one-on-one advice and my complete attention for that hour. When we “do lunch”, my experience has shown that you WILL use the advice and prove the investment to be a good one.

If I can’t deliver advice over lunch that makes that purchase completely worthwhile, then I’m in the wrong business and frankly, so are you. But, I’m all about taking the blame, so I’ll ask if you think it’s been worth it before we leave the table.

You decide, right then. If you feel I haven’t delivered, I’ll refund your money AND I’ll buy the lunch.

If you want to meet about a subject that just isn’t my area of expertise, I’ll tell you in advance that it’s not a good fit and save us both some time.