Are you listening to the right people?

You don’t have to look far to find people who will find 100 reasons why you shouldn’t do what you’re doing in your business (or what you plan to do).

They’ll throw every possible thing at you that can go wrong. Thank them under your breath if they mention something that you hadn’t considered in your plan, but don’t let them get you down.

Remember that some of them probably haven’t built anything of their own. What extends beyond their comfort zone will color their remarks, and will often be irrelevant to you. Those who have built something of their own look at life and business differently.

Allowing folks with that outlook to project their attitude onto you isn’t going to help you succeed. If it’s a consistently negative stream of BS, just leave. If you can’t leave (eg, they might be family), change the subject and don’t talk about business with them.

Jim Rohn once said you’re the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with. OK, Jim really says that every time he speaks, but whatever:)

Are those 5 people being supportive? Asking good questions? Sharing things that have been successful for them, in hopes that you might be able to get some use out of it?

Or are they constantly picking away at you, your ideas and your business as if they were some sort of karmic woodpecker?

Find people who will help you by asking good, tough questions, not those who will chip away at you and your ideas just because it’s what they do. When the chippers chip away, the best thing you’ll get out of it is motivation.

When I announced our move to Montana, someone told me we’d be back in 6 months. I remember it like it was yesterday.

They said it in 1999.

2 replies on “Are you listening to the right people?”

  1. Oh SO true Mark! When Deb and I decided to move from NJ to Hawaii, we waited till we had everything planned out before telling anyone. I knew after 20yrs as an entrepreneur what people can do to your dreams… even well meaning family and friends.

    About 9-mos out from the move started telling people and the range of reactions was amazing. Deb’s family told her we’d be back within a year. My family didn’t take that track, but my Dad did think I was nuts for selling my businesses and creating a new life for myself. Understandable since when he was same age I was then, he and my mom had just scraped enough money together to buy their first house.

    Our friends who were entrepreneurs reacted differently. They were sad to see us move 5,000 miles away. But they were supportive.

    It was tough, but as our final packing for the move was interrupted by planes flying into the WTC towers, the Pentagon & a field in Penn., our decision was reinforced. Oct 1, 2008 will be 7 years living in paradise.

    Don’t let ANYONE ever steal your dreams! 😉

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