Little things mean a lot when communicating to customers

A couple of years ago, we discussed a business here in town that always sent me birthday cards.  Makes sense, I’m a client and they have my birth date because they need it to provide their service. Why wouldn’t they send a card? It only makes sense.

In the past, I received pre-printed birthday cards from this business that had a pre-printed signature (an image of that owner’s sig) and pre-printed, pre-sort postage. All generated from the corporate office print shop.

Rather impersonal, but better than nothing, which I noted that at the time.

Things change.

I still get the impersonal but personalized post cards from the local hardware store that’s a franchise of a national company. Like the company noted above, the postcards are generated by the corporation’s print shop by virtue of my name being in their frequent buyer program.

That’s all good and certainly better than the business that has an idea what month my birthday is, yet sends NOTHING.

However, it’s now 2007, and someone clearly is paying attention.

This year, I received a hand-written birthday card with a real stamp from that same business. Sure, it might have been the business owner’s kid, or assistant, BUT it wasn’t from a computer somewhere, sent without the knowledge of the owner, and with postage from a postage meter.

It stumps me why so many businesses that MUST have a birthdate in order to provide their services, but so few take advantage of it to just send a birthday card. They don’t have to divulge a date – getting the month right is more than enough.

What’s important about this?  It’s what most businesses just won’t do.

Business is Personal. Is yours?