My Secret

I can tell you a secret...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Aleera*

People like to hear about the one thing you did to explode your business.

Our culture has us convinced that there’s a secret to everything – including kicking butt at business. One click, one technique and everything magical will come to you and your business.

The secret isn’t what you want to hear, but here it is: It’s every single thing they did.

There isn’t a golden shovel/easy button, unless you count “becoming the best marketer in your market” (more on that another time).

Like a lot of you, I typically work alone, though I do occasionally contract out some things (like graphics arts work – where I have very limited skills).

My secret is tools

Because I don’t have a “real staff”, I use a lot of tools to automate the work I do. I am careful, as you should be, not to over-automate the personal contact, but there are “dig a hole, fill it up” kind of grunt work types of things that can be automated so that I can get more important work done that I cannot automate.

Rather than just give you a possibly overwhelming list of stuff with little context, I’ve put together a series of emails that explain each tool, how I use the tool and why they might be of use to you.

I AM NOT saying that you have to use these tools to transform your business. I’m saying I USE THEM to make my business better.

While some of the products use affiliate links, some will save you money, let me be clear – ALL of them are things that I actively use every day or every week. They are what allow me to do what I do as efficiently as possible so that I can.