No news is good news?

Yesterday and again this morning, I was having a conversation with some friends about continuous improvement. So few businesses practice it, which is really a shame. Earlier this week, former LSU/Miami Dolphins coach Lou Saban lamented a culture that cares only about results, not about the process that produces them. He was clearly annoyed with players, media and others who shrug off poor performances that result in a win, because he knows that continuous improvement wins big games, and championships. Luck rarely does.

Because someone has been taking my paper, I called today to have it cancelled. When I called, the phone was answered on the first ring by a pleasant voice.

I indicated I wanted to cancel delivery and provided my account number as requested. In just a moment, a company lost me as a customer and in just a moment the call was over. It surprised me that they asked no questions about why I was cancelling, or if they could do anything to keep me as a subscriber, etc.

How does this paper’s management know why people cancel? If they dont know, they dont know what to do in order to improve the ratio of people who keep their 4 week free trials, which absolutely impacts their bottom line.

Amazing that they don’t seem to understand this.