Old Missoula News

Not long ago, a 27 year old Missoula independent newspaper was closed by its new owner with no advance notice. The paper’s website was taken offline at the same time. The URL of the old site was forwarded to the parent company’s news site. 

These actions eliminated the ability of newly-unemployed journalists to refer to online copies of the stories they’d written over the years. Showing your body of work is an essential part of getting a new writing gig. Taking that away without notice was mean spirited and in my view, intentionally so. 

This page serves as a partial restoration of the effects of that action. It is an index of the front page links preserved at archive.org. The links are preserved at archive.org, as is the content, which is typical for most public web sites. 

Click here to access the front page link index for MissoulaNews.com, MissoulaNews-BigSkyPress.com, and MissoulaIndependent.com.

None of the content from those 3 news sites resides on this site.