What is Open Line?

Open Line is a 1 hour period (almost) every Friday, starting at 11:30pm Mountain time (1:30pm Eastern, 12:30pm Central, 10:30am Pacific) when I offer a “fast track” phone consultation to help you come up with a strategy to deal with a marketing, strategic or operations problem that’s making you crazy.

Everyone wonders about what works and doesn’t work with their marketing. Quite often, people expend months of tedious effort and a ton of advertising dollars just to come up with an answer – or an attempt to answer – to their marketing problem.

Most small business owners don’t have months to spend on their marketing, and sure don’t have the dollars to experiment with. So I have developed a fast-track phone consultation which will help you.

There are only 4 time slots available each week, and they will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

This consultation normally costs $85.00 but on Open Line days *only* it is free.

Why am I doing this for nothing?

For what should be obvious reasons.

  • If you think you might want my help for real, this is a good way to spend 15 minutes figuring out if you can work with me (and vice versa).
  • It’s a good way for me to figure out if you are ready to hear what needs to be fixed in your business and open to taking advice. With only 15 minutes, I don’t have time to dance. Can you take it, or not?
  • It’s a way of giving back as well as providing “samples”. If you only need 15 minutes to fix what’s going on, so be it. Next time you need more than 15 minutes of help, I expect you to remember who helped you last time.
  • And no, it’s not a sales call. If I help you on the phone, I shouldn’t need to make it a sales call, now should I?

Interested? Here’s what to do next.

Contact me using this form:


Include your name, contact info, the time slot you want (1st and 2nd choices are recommended), 1 or 2 paragraphs of general info about your business, your business URL (if there is one), and a description of a specific problem you’d like to talk about.

There are only 4 time slots: 11:30am Mountain, 11:45am Mountain, 12:00pm Mountain, or 12:15pm Mountain. If you don’t choose one, it’ll be assigned to you and either myself or my assistant will contact you with your appointment time and all the details you will need.

Each appointment will start and end promptly, so be on time and be ready to hit the ground running.

The form contents are VERY important so that you don’t spend 15 minutes describing the problem and end up having no time to produce a solution.

There is only time for 4 appointments, so don’t wait. I look forward to talking with you!

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