Outdoor businesses can make it easier to Pay, Pal.

A few posts ago, I mentioned making it easier for your customers to buy.

PayPal recently announced they have done just that – by offering PayPal payment capabilities for mobile phones that have browser capabilities.

My first thought was trade shows, but cell coverage inside trade show halls borders on worthless in many cases. A few other things quickly came up that made good sense…

What really strikes me as a good use of this is outdoor sports and recreation venues.

One such example is sports league photographers.

Currently, they get checks or cash on the scene but someone always wants to take a credit card. Writing down card numbers on paper that can blow away or get lost in your car etc (hey, things happen) doesnt exactly make the CISP merchant account certification people happy.

But this is another story. Imagine if you sent your clients to a website on their phone where they could enter their credit card number – where you’d never see it – and pay you via Paypal by phone. CISP isn’t even a consideration there -at least not for your account.

Obviously all of this can be done right now with a laptop and a cell modem by using a regular e-commerce page, but that creates a pinch point where people will pile up in line waiting to pay. More laptops would help, but that’s unnecessary overhead.

Everyone can use their phone – if it supports browsing – and this does only affect the folks who want to pay by credit card.

Another example, outdoor cafes or similar. You can likely think of many more. In Europe, people can buy a soft drink from a vending machine using their phones. We’re way behind the curve on implementing this particular technology here in the States – but you can catch up fast if it fits your business model.

Making it easier to buy, making your business more flexible – makes you a more preferred place for people to spend their $.

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