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  1. It’s sad really…so many companies these days take that type of approach. Stupid policies that are written in stone end up alienating customers.

    The response is always the same: “oh, that’s just our policy” which is another way of saying “I don’t care and here’s my really lame excuse.”

    PayPal may be a giant, but this sort of ignorance to their customers will cost them in the long run. Eventually, almost every company gets to a point where they think they can do whatever they want and everyone will just stick around.

  2. It would be interesting to know the origin of this rule. As bureaucratic as PayPal may be, the credit card companies whose rules they have to comply with are far worse. I would be a little surprised if this rule came directly from PayPal and was not one forced on them by one of the credit card companies.

    1. @Shane, it wouldnt surprise me one bit if it was card merchants causing this. Given Paypal’s subsequent reply re: “just dont use PO in the address”, it seems even more so. False security is better than no security at all, I guess…

  3. Ouch – trying to get business like PayPal to understand PO’s here in our little corner of the world……..and after reading this and now realizing that with our move back home to our POB we get to look forward to another ridiculous phone call to get PayPal to change our “billing” address. And no, after 17 years here, the USPS has only caught about 3 items with only our “home” address and gotten them into our POB. And with things as they are today our little old roadside mailbox IS NOT SAFE!!

    1. They catch stuff pretty regularly for us that is somehow addressed to the home address – even the OLD one. Most of that is probably because its addressed to the biz, I suspect.

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