“Pink is the new Black”. Not in Trump’s eyes.

On episode 2 of the current Apprentice, the losing team – and Carey in particular – made a classic product/marketing mistake.

Assuming that the market likes what you like.

The task? To sell swim suits to a group of buyers.

Carey was placed in charge of the men’s suits and made the unfortunate mistake of designing what he called a “gay suit”. Maybe it was, maybe it wasnt, but the bottom line was that the suit was not suitable for a large portion of the swimsuit market because of its size. The color was different than most, but not really out of line.
Carey’s bigger mistake was not chilling out in the boardroom. Rather than letting the project leader not take the heat for reining him in on that one suit design, he chose to defend the suit…to a fault.

I think it got him fired because he was so overbearing and so insistent that his claim late in the boardroom that he didnt steamroll his team to make the suit was clearly inconsistent with his behavior in the prior 5 minutes of the show (noting that the boardroom sessions actually last several hours).

Had he kicked back and let Trump and the crew go after the project manager for not taking control of Carey, I think its likely he’d still be on the show. It was clear that they were starting off on her, but Carey’s overbearing sales pitch to Trump did him in.