Political marketing: Mobile and phone support

One obvious opportunity for Presidential candidates is to utilize the existing text messaging and voice broadcast capabilities available to anyone marketing their own products. Here’s a comparison of how the candidates use these tools.

Mitt Romney : Offers news updates via text message. Also offers a personalized voice broadcast system (web-based) where you can send a message of your choice, by phone, from you to a friend or relative.

Barack Obama : Offers news updates via text message, as well as ringtones and screen backgrounds. Issue specific text message subscriptions are also available.

Hillary Clinton : No mobile support that I could find without joining her team.

Ron Paul : Has an iphone area in his Web 2.0 social networking area, but it serves as a menu, not a means of mobile support across platforms. I didn’t find any other form of mobile support.

John McCain : No mobile support that I could find without joining his team.

3 replies on “Political marketing: Mobile and phone support”

  1. Thank you for submitting your post to Carnival Of Tips!

    Good post – do you use any of these, and do they get spammy? That would be my only reservation about signing up for my candidate’s mobile service. I know e-mail has been pretty spammy in the past.

  2. Tip Diva,

    I didnt sign up for any of the mobile updates. Im pretty protective of my “ability to interrupt”.

    Almost every candidate email asks for a contribution or to join their team, or similar – but that is to be expected.

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