Immune from change? Better check with your lawmakers.

Be Prepared is the Scout Motto, but it should also be on your short list in business.

Some telemarketers found their business temporarily shut down after the Do Not Call law was implemented. They had to adapt and market to groups who either had permission to call (politicians and non-profit groups), or already had a business relationship with the person being called. Or they had to stick to business-to-business calling, which isn’t restricted by the DNC law.

Fax marketing was shut down after the “fax spam” law was implemented (thank goodness for that one). Some businesses who were doing this kind of communication legitimately had to make adjustments.

If these businesses using these services were communicating with a diverse set of tools, they came out ok. Those who only used fax to get cold leads (ugh) had to scramble to remake their business.

As a recent Wall Street Journal story discusses, no one is immune to changes that you might never have seen coming.

Several communities in California and elsewhere are considering BANNING home car washing, or any car washing on the street. Some already have outlawed businesses use of a hose to wash off sidewalks, even if a pet leaves a pile on them. Still others are considering laws covering the soaps and recycling that commercial car washes can use.

If you own a car wash, your business is going to change.

If you raise money for your organization with outdoor parking lot car washes, your fundraising is going to change.

If you sell car wash supplies to the general public, your business is going to change.

Just one example that no one is immune. Be Prepared.

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