Reach out. Regularly. Or they’ll forget about you.

This post is a team play. I point you guys to Kipfer’s blog, and Ian finds this awesome video. Today, it’s my turn to return the favor. Not only is it funny, but there’s a great lesson in there.

Think about what it was like to communicate with your clients 15 years ago, then…watch this video:

In so many ways, it’s so much easier to do business now than it used to be. 15 years ago, that video wouldn’t have been even remotely funny. Today, it’s a riot.

So many improvements in communications. Yet many companies (much less anyone else) seem to communicate fewer times than ever before – particularly on a personal level.

It isn’t AOL’s fault. Likewise, you can’t blame Prodigy, Compuserve or the local BBS. It’s you, Sparky.

Send a card. Write a newsletter. Email em. Write em a short note. Worst case, fax a picture of your face that you pressed against the glass on the copier if you have to. But keep in touch with them. Regularly.

Just like when you fail to communicate with distant family, failing to communicate with distant customers makes the distance grow longer. Makes it harder for you to get them back into your store (online or otherwise), or on the phone. Losing familiarity with your business makes it that much easier for them to choose someone else.

Already doing a great job of communicating? Great, that’ll give you time to think about the creative side of this video.

Every time someone tells you to “think outside the box” and you want to scream…

Every time you think “there’s nothing new we can do for our clients”…

Every time a competitor does something you didn’t think of first…

Maybe this video will motivate you to think of a few new things that your customers need. Maybe we’ll even laugh about them 15 years from now.

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