Real Time with the Guvnah

Bear with me for a brief leap over to politics, but we wont be there long.

Governor Schweitzer was on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight (HBO).

Obviously, the topic of discussion had to slide over to gun control, given the VTU murders this week.

The Gov started down that path by calling the NRA the “National Republican Agency”. Thankfully the silly sound bite quotes mostly ended there.

When questioned by another panelist about how he feels about the 2nd amendment, he said he believes in all (Constitutional) amendments, not just the 2nd. During that sequence, he also noted that “I’ll control my gun, you control yours.”

Another panelist mentioned implementing “Nut control” rather than gun control, referring to Cho’s violating several gun laws during his purchase – given that he had been declared unstable or mentally ill or whatever the details of the examination revealed – facts that the instant background check cannot reveal/consider (at least for now). The Gov didnt go there.

All in all, the Gov handled his appearance fairly well I thought, putting in a reasonable performance while representing Montana. Live panel discussions can go anywhere, and he seemed to enjoy the opportunities that allowed him to pop a few (R)s in the gut. Fortunately, he stuck to reasonable comments rather than commentary written for sound bites. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions from around the state.