Republicans For Sale On EBay


I’ll get to the Republicans on EBay in a moment. Bear with me, please.

While it sounds like a 27 dollar word, “dynamic contextual advertising” is really quite simple.

Dynamic contextual online advertising is advertising that is selected from an existing inventory of ads based on the content of a web site, including a blog like this one. The ads are selected as your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc) displays the content for you or another viewer.

Let’s say you sell Rotary pins and logo’d shirts. If I purchased “Rotary” as a keyword for a dynamic contextual ad on this site, the word “Rotary” on this page would be underlined as shown above. If you clicked on it, it might go to my Rotary pins and shirts online store. Note: I don’t have a Rotary pins and shirts online store. Russell-Hampton does just fine with that.

I stumbled across a blog today that was talking about politics and government. While reading, I noticed across this rather comical, but ineffective contextual ad (see the image above). Apparently, no one has listed any Democrats on Ebay, at least not yet, since “Democrats” didn’t have a contextual link. Frankly, if I was shopping for these items I wouldn’t start at EBay. They’d be much easier to find at or, but I digress:)

Ok, let’s get serious. Is this the kind of contextual advertising a small business owner wants to pay real money for? I doubt it.

The lesson? Be very careful before buying stuff like this. To borrow a phrase from a politician, you have to be focused like a laser beam on the keywords you select when deciding to buy dynamic contextual advertising. It does work, but like any other method of advertising, you have to buy smart.