Retailers, do your customers have “bad taste”?

As we discussed yesterday, I encourage you to become a recognized expert on your market’s products and services.

HOWEVER, you must set aside your personal product choices – most of the time – in retail.

No, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t promote your favorite. Having a display in a coffee shop that shows your favorite brew (and your spouse’s) isn’t a bad idea at all.

Selling only your favorite type of coffee bean, on the other hand, is a really bad idea.

Give me 2 minutes and 22 seconds and watch this clip from Joe Dirt and you’ll get the idea. I should warn you, there are a couple of brief PG type moments in this, but there’s serious business value in the last 60 seconds.

Every retailer, in fact, every business owner should see this scene, whether they like the movie or not.