Saying no to business

Do you say no?

I’m always in fear of not having enough business, so I say yes to projects that might not be a perfect fit or that I don’t have time to tackle effectively. So for me, the question would be, how do I know when to say no?

That’s a quote from a reader.

When you aren’t sure how many deals you have coming next week, can you say no to business that isn’t your forte, or that you are too busy for?

Sure, it’s tough, but you have to. You can do that other stuff, but you’ll regret it.

Every time you take a project that is out in left field, you’ll be annoyed.

If you have properly positioned your business, the chance of getting more projects that don’t quite fit right will be reduced. You won’t be tempted to take what isn’t offered and you’ll be available for more of the right

In addition, the better you are at your core business, the less likely you are to want to produce other work that can’t meet your typical quality standards – simply because you do that work sporadically.

Sometimes you’ll have to transition to that core work, stepping into other projects along the way as you focus your marketing and take on more projects your the core business area.

One alternative – find someone who is great at that other work you get and work out a deal to refer the projects to them.

Doing 100 things poorly is no way to run a business. Even jugglers use the same type of balls (well, most of them anyhow<g>).