Seducing Your Customers

Creative Commons License photo credit: Johnath

How does the flower “seduce” the bee into visiting it and spreading its pollen to others?

Your clientele is a lot like that bee, if not a significant other. They need to be seduced into wanting to be with you (your business).

In order to make that happen, you need to create an environment – or a habit, you might say – of constant seduction. I don’t mean this in an “adult” way though it certainly applies there as well.

The alternative is rust. Like rust appearing on iron/steel that little or no attention is paid to, rust can also be found on a customer or personal relationship.

A restaurant whose customers are regularly seduced to return is less likely to lose a sale to the “I dunno, where do *you* wanna go?” discussion that we’ve all had with someone else.

Ever notice where you end up at the end of those conversations? Usually a place that neither of you were really fired up about visiting. You settle.

What are you doing to create a relationship with your customers that is rock solid?