Small business owners – What’s your offensive line?

In business, when dealing with an entrenched competitor who dominates the industry, there is time for an upstart, a wild-card, to go for the low-hanging fruit as you gain strength and experience and look for your opportunity to knock them off.

In the Super Bowl, there is no such luxury.

With only 60 minutes on the clock, the Giants had no choice but to go right at the strength of the undefeated Patriots: Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots quarterback was the head of the snake. If their defense can stop Brady, then New England is effectively no longer a threat.

If you currently dominate your market, look hard at your business and your competition.

  • Can someone get at your strength?
  • What’s your offensive line and what does it protect?
  • What should you be protecting at all costs?
  • What’s your weakest link?
  • If your “offensive line” doesn’t show up, what happens?
  • Who is the biggest threat to your strengths?

If your competition dominates the market, you too should look hard at your business, and your competition. Ask yourself the same questions about your competitors, make a plan and take action.