It didn’t help to attend today if …

… you don’t implement what you learned.

When you get back to the office, no matter how excited you are about our discussion, you’re probably going to get sucked into the “crisis of the moment”. It’s not really your fault, it’s how most businesses work.

The result: Nothing will change.

The SAME thing has happened to me. At that time, no one cared enough to help me get past this and implement what they’d taught.

I don’t want that to happen.

This little form (see below) is about helping you escape the whirlpool and implement what you learned today.

Normally, I charge for this product (Escape the Whirlpool), but today I’m giving this to folks who attended today just as a thanks for interrupting your day, driving across town and listening to me… because I want you to succeed with what we discussed.

Your next step is to stake your claim on the form below. Once you do that, Escape the Whirlpool is yours.

Thanks again,