Need a speaker for your group?

Need a speaker to get your business, association or group energized and focused on the right things?

I can create a custom piece for your organization or association, or you can select from a number of frequently requested topics related to management, marketing, customer service, technology, operations or social media.

Frequently requested talks

Transforming Marketing and Advertising from an Expense to an Investment

The old marketers joke goes like this: “I know half of the money I spend on advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half.

Thanks to pressure from online stores, the explosion of low-prices-at-all-costs box stores and a tough economy, advertising budgets are pushed to the limit. The last thing you can afford is paying for an ad that produces unpredictable results. Because of the way most advertising is sold and evaluated, businesses tend to look at their marketing/advertising expenditures as a cost of doing business rather than an investment. We’ll talk about how to transform your marketing into an investment, learn how to track which parts are working and which aren’t so that you can make informed strategic choices about every dollar, media and campaign you use.

In longer sessions, we’ll also compare online marketing (click-through advertising and such) to traditional forms of advertising and show how you can integrate the two to improve your return on investment.

This interactive session runs from 60-120 minutes, depending on your needs



Automate the Right Things

It’s easier than ever to automate your business, but there’s a danger in going too far. What happens if you automate the wrong things?

In this interactive discussion, we’ll talk about how to decide what to automate and what not to, how to get your employees vested in this sometimes-frightening change (“Will I lose my job?”) and how to make your business more consistent, efficient and customer-friendly without losing the personal touch.

This interactive discussion varies from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on your needs.


Everything You Do is Anything You Do: Standing Out in a Highly Competitive Market

“Everything is Marketing”. You read it in best selling books. You see it in my blog. You hear it when I speak. What does it really mean?

In this talk, every employee in your company will understand that what they do every day is marketing, how everything your business does and how it does these things is marketing (or anti-marketing) and has a direct impact on the business and thus, the future of each employee’s job. Business owners and staff will learn why they lose customers, why business is more personal than ever, and how to regain their edge in the marketplace.

This talk is motivating, disconcerting, challenging and potentially transformational. Your business might never be the same…

This highly interactive discussion is customized for your market and runs from 2 to 4 hours with breaks.


A partial list of where we may have met (or will)

Calculating Technology ROI and How to sell it to management
Parcel Forum – Dallas TX (Oct 2014)

Business is Personal. Is yours?
Monument Builders of North America, Rocky Mountain Regional Convention – Kalispell, MT (August 2012)

Transforming marketing and advertising from an expense to an investment
State of Montana Job Service Brown Bag Lunch (March 2012)

Social Media – A Roadmap for Small Businesses
Columbia Falls Chamber Brown Bag Lunch (November 2011)

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur – 4 sessions
Montana West Economic Development (February, March, August, October 2009)

Whitefish Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Awards Banquet (May 2009)

Montana Bed and Breakfast Association Convention (March 2009)

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