Stand up, brush yourself off, and fix it.

One thing that old people (older than say, 23<g>) notice is that the year disappears awfully fast. Here we are: July is gone and we are 5 months from 2008.

Are you 58% of the way to reaching your 2007 goals? (7/12ths is 58.333%)

IMO, one of the things that is critical to reaching and exceeding your goals is looking at the slip ups and addressing them as soon as possible.

Mistakes should be feedback and a “Notice: Area under construction” sign that you have work to do, not something to grumble over and get negative about. Use them to put a ViseGrip squeeze on that part of your business.

My biggest ones in 2007? (so far<g>)

Business-wise, I’d count a couple of communications foul ups (a pet peeve of mine – and I still made em), a week of stalled backups that I hadn’t attended to bit me in the keester a little bit when a laptop died, and not getting some help with one of my less technical businesses sooner than I did (thus freeing me up to do some things that only I can do).

Each of those has been dealt with and steps put in place to correct them. No doubt that adjustments will continue, life is a zig zaggy line, but they will continue under the theme of continuous improvement.

So enough of me, what is YOUR biggest business mistake of the year? Post them as a comment here and I’ll send the winner a nice surprise in the mail.

Hey, why spoil the surprise? 🙂