“Starbucks will continue to emulate McDonald’s”


Ouch. You know that you have managed to reduce your business to the lowest common denominator of quality, and positioned yourself in the worst possible way when you’re accused of “emulating McDonald’s”.

I’ve seen a lot of pieces that skewer Starbucks for losing sight of where they came from, and I’ve even written a couple. This one is perhaps one of the best at calling Starbucks to task for what they’ve done to themselves. It leaves little to the imagination.

In all other aspects of its operation, Starbucks will continue to emulate McDonald’s.There is a moment in the history of every business enterprise where the commitment shifts from quality to profit, and Starbucks had its moment years ago. … It now banks on the notion that customers will settle for less than the best if it’s reasonably cheap, consistent, and brewed — by automated machines, of course — on every street corner. – The Oregonian’s Steve Duin

Every time you think about saving $42 a week by automating the WRONG thing, pull this article out of your files and read it. Automate the right things. Keep your business personal.