Statistics don’t lie, can they point out which politicians do?

Ok, maybe “statistically accurate” statistics don’t lie 🙂 No irony there, right?

I was talking with a friend today about a certain very wealthy 2008 Presidential candidate, the size of his home (quite large), what his reality is, how that relates to his voting record and most importantly, his ability to relate to “our” reality.

For example, it might make an interesting study to correlate the size of the primary residence of each president vs his voting record. I’m not sure it would be all that meaningful, but it’s no worse than American Idol in that department.

Perhaps more importantly, correlate the size of the primary home (in square feet) for each member of Congress against that person’s voting record.

Or perhaps against their earned income (vs 1099-DIV or -B income).

Or the size of the town where they grew up.

Or the size of the town where they live (in-session DC residences don’t count).

Lots of numbers out there. It’s going to be an interesting 18 months or so.

Is there a set of numbers in your business that you can correlate that seemingly don’t make sense? Might be worthwhile, but you won’t know until you look.