Showrooming and the sales prevention department

photo credit: mattbuchanan Last time, we discussed the often forgotten reason for showrooming that happens after price shopping: convenience and time/fuel savings. Remember Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief? If you’ve forgotten, they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. When applied to showrooming, it isn’t much different. Acceptance and the clarity that accompanies it are where […]

What’s your plywood?

“When youâ??re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, youâ??re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. Youâ??ll know itâ??s there, so youâ??re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep […]

It Starts With Trust

photo credit: Andrew Morrell Photography Earning, retaining and regaining the trust of your customers has been central to this blog from the beginning. We talk about a lot of different things that all come down to creating an atmosphere of trust with your clientele. That trust will build a relationship and that relationship, even if […]

Borders and homemade apple pie

photo credit: See-ming Lee æ?æ?æ?? SML Recently, Borders book stores reported that they were closing their remaining 399 stores, including our local store here in Kalispell, Montana. The store has about three months, enough time to liquidate their existing stock. Survival of the fittest demands that some prosper, some get by and some die. Borders was […]

Any single step can make or break you

photo credit: peasap The process of returning my son’s iPod for warranty replacement has been interesting. I talk to Costco customer service, now called “concierge service”. That experience was outstanding. By the way, just calling it concierge service sets the expectation for a good experience, doesn’t it? It also means that you have to deliver. […]

Verizon’s pleasant surprise

photo credit: Sister72 Thursday was the first day of retail, walk-in Verizon iPhone sales in the U.S. Normally a visit to our VZW store is guaranteed to consume 60-90 min, even here in rural Montana. They’re usually busy, so you sign in on a screen and they call your name in the order you arrive. […]

Easy like Sunday morning

First the iTunes store. Now the Mac App Store doubles Evernote’s hourly rate of new user signups. How many times does the forehead need slapping before it’s obvious that making it easy to buy is what it’s all about? Make it easy to buy. Make it easy to buy. Make it easy to buy.

Innovation breeds profit? Who knew?

photo credit: psiaki Profit is an evil word in many circles these days, but I used it anyway. Are you the innovation leader in your market? It seems to work for Apple. Think back to your last real innovation. Yes, that one. Remember that product or service that made customers and prospects flock to your […]

Profit vs. Market Share. You choose.

photo credit: alancleaver_2000 Today’s guest post is from Mark Sigal at O’Reilly, and speaks to your focus in your market. Pay close attention to the comments about profit vs. market share. I live in Verizon country. No AT&T here, at least not yet. All you hear and read is about how Android devices are outselling […]