Not on my watch!

Most everyone I’ve talked to who really cares about their work has that one thing that brings meaning, context and (as my kids used to say) “give-a-care” to the work they do. You might have heard it described as “Not on my watch”, a reference to pulling watch duty on naval ships. The best way I’ve […]

Start the right things

photo credit: Marco Alioli aka Marcus 😀 A while back, a friend sent me a link to an old blog post called “30 things to stop doing to yourself“. It struck me that while the list was intended for application in your personal life, the list could also be applied to your business – with […]

Do you manage perception or reality?

This “Sorry” image is what you see on YouTube when you’re prevented from viewing a video because the uploader decided not to make their content available in your country. In this case, the video was a seven minute news clip from 1970. NINETEEN SEVENTY. I understand how allowing a viewer in another country to see […]

Our terrible economy

photo credit: chefranden Recently, a friend posted a simple exercise to help her clients see that no matter where they live, there are lots of people who need what they do even “in our terrible economy”. In summary, her suggestion was: “Next Friday or Saturday, go to the most expensive restaurant in town and get […]

On Unicorns and Clouds

photo credit: DÊlirante bestiole [la poÊsie des goupils] Our clients are so stupid! Is that your company’s vibe? If you aren’t sure, ask the people who staff your front desk, sales department and/or customer support/service positions. At one time, the majority of my software customers were studio photographers. Their industry was making the massive shift […]

The can that’s hard

photo credit: write_adam As I look back over the last 12 years or so, I’m convinced that Scott Dinsmore is exactly right. None of us have least bit of a clue what we can really do. Not the faintest idea. On the contrary, we’re all fairly sure what we can’t do. But the whole “can’t” thing […]

What’s your plywood?

“When youâ??re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, youâ??re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. Youâ??ll know itâ??s there, so youâ??re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep […]

Pushing You Starts The Whispering

photo credit: Rob Gallop Earlier this week, I wrote about breaking down Chet Holmes’ “Dream 100” list of prospective customers into 10 lists of 10. What I didn’t tell you was why I break the list down. Asking you to name 100 random prospects would like result in an impact focused on one thing – […]