Save your bacon: Backup your stuff

Today was yet another one of those days that come far too often. A day when someone tells me their computer crashed and they have no backups. For months. This isn’t a computer at home that’s used for email, Facebook and maybe an occasional game.┬áThis computer is used to manage their customers’ technical data and […]

Put your mask on first

Professional development mentors remind us that we must take care of ourselves first. They advise that we improve ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally – in other words, attend first to our overall health – so that we’re better prepared to perform well in our roles at work, at home and in our community. Personal finance […]

Insulating yourself from disaster

Late last week, a friend of mine’s website exploded. More accurately, his webhost’s electrical room exploded and caught fire and took down NINE THOUSAND servers with it. Because my friend knows these things happen, he was well prepared for it. He had backups in place. He had an alternate server in place and in more […]