The ones you can’t trust

Recently, we have seen a number of high profile ethical issues pop up in global companies, U.S. companies and if you look around a little – you will probably find one in the news in your city. Most recently, this would include the Volkswagen EPA mileage situation. Stop it. No, I don’t mean stop doing […]

Help Them Buy Better

photo credit: bjaglin A few days ago, Seth Godin asked why ethical marketers wouldn’t be “eager to have aggressive, clear and well-defined regulations” (about marketing). He set the context by talking about the lies used to sell sunscreen, noting that lobbyists kindly helped the FDA water down proposed sunscreen regulations. To quote Seth: Why aren’t […]

Don’t waste a single interaction

photo credit: Marco Raaphorst Unreal. Last week I had to get on the phone to cancel an online service. Not because I wanted to use the phone to cancel, but because it’s a requirement. You see, you can sign up for this service online, but you can’t cancel it there. And you certainly won’t be […]

Situational Ethics: Don’t go there

photo credit: quinn.anya The probably not-so-old joke goes something like this: “There are two kinds of people: those who break people into two groups and those who don’t.” When it comes to business ethics, there’s usually a pretty clear definition of the line between these two groups: the unethical and the accidentally unethical. The accidentally […]

Feedback. Courtesy. Try it. Accept it. Use it.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Today’s guest post comes from Barry Moltz, who talks about those people (euphemism) who don’t return calls or emails. While I’m sure none of us ever do that, all of us know someone who needs a little advice about this – or maybe just a reminder. Check out “Feedback is a gift“.

3 ways to destroy a vendor-client relationship

If this video from Scofield Editorial wasn’t so annoyingly accurate regarding how some businesses operate, it’d be funny. Ok, it’s funny anyhow – until it happens to you. Try not to be on either side. Some businesses operate this way as a matter of course. With some people and some businesses struggling these days, it’s […]