How not to be a survivalist

photo credit: mikebaird I really try to avoid talking about survival. I avoid it because think it’s the wrong target. Focusing on “just surviving” places your business in a risky position. A bad month or a consecutive series of just two or three bad months can shift many businesses from a survival position to just-plain-closed. […]

Are you throwing stuff overboard?

photo credit: Falling Heavens It’s a classic, if not overdone scene. A plane, low on fuel and starved for altitude, flies over the ocean. As far as the eye can see, nothing but water. Her crew hustles to throw unnecessary items off the plane to lighten the load in hopes of gaining altitude and getting […]

Stumped about taking it to the next level?

Every once in a while, I happen upon someone who wants to take their business to the next level, whatever that might be for them. Sometimes they’ve caught themselves relaxing. Sometimes someone else has caught them napping. Others simply feel that if they aren’t growing, they’re dying. Finally, some simply want to grow themselves out […]