Stampedes and shootings: Just another Black Friday

It’s hard to imagine why big national retailers continue to play the fools game, thinking that by discounting their prices 40-50% or more they’ll increase their profit. Perhaps they think they’ll make it up on volume. When you cut prices, the first thing that you give up is a piece (or all) of your profit. […]

The High Art of Paying Attention

Most of you probably saw a brief mention here in the blog that I became a grandpa for the first time a mere three weeks ago today. This is one response that shows me someone is mastering the fine art of paying attention. It arrived in my mail on Saturday with a letter, and was […]

The fine line between personal and business

A little while back, someone asked me: If business is personal, and I think it is, cause I don’t leave myself (my person) at home when I come to work, then how do I NOT take it personal when the business relationship I worked hard to create with my clients goes sour? It’s an easy […]