Go somewhere else

photo credit: WTL photos The only way some businesses will learn that they cannot continue to take you for granted is by taking your money elsewhere and letting them know that you did so. Sometimes the attitude will be “Good riddance, we didn’t want that demanding/pain in the butt customer anyhow”. What they may or […]

Starting A New Business: Part 5 – Infrastructure

photo credit: kevin dooley Infrastructure is one of those things you don’t necessarily think about as a new business owner. Thing is, strong infrastructure often turns out to be the competitive edge that no one (other than you) notices. Your clientele notices “stuff”: You’re always on top of things and that you rarely, if ever, […]

Starting A New Business : Part 4 – Profit is not Salary

photo credit: Instant Vantage Treating profit as salary is a common error for new businesses. It’s unusual for new owners to start by thinking their business through to the “end game” or to its ideal place. While some plan with an exit strategy in mind, there’s more to business than “do something, grow fast, get […]

Starting A New Business : Part 3 – Marketing

photo credit: Yatmandu Good marketing doesn’t need to lie. If you have to lie to sell your stuff, either your stuff isn’t worth buying or you aren’t worth buying it from. Harsh words? Not if you want to stay in the business you’re about to start. These days, buyers are empowered by the information made […]

Starting a New Business: Part 2 – Are you ready?

photo credit: elbfoto Last time we talked briefly about things to consider in the early going of the business you just started. We talked a little about the product/service, but focused mostly on some basics about licenses/permits and getting supplies with a little taste of business model talk. The reality is that we shouldn’t have […]

Out of Stock

photo credit: Zigar When your store is out of stock on an item…what does your staff do and say? When I was out of state not long ago, I looked around for a pair of light hikers for everyday wear. I knew exactly what I wanted right down to the model name. I visited a […]

A Letter from Georgia

photo credit: ClaireDelRey We almost didn’t open it, thinking it was junk mail. Why would the University of Georgia send us mail way out here in Montana? We aren’t alumni. Our kids don’t go there, nor do we have prospective students considering the school. The letter was addressed to “The Riffey Family” (printed, not hand-addressed), […]

A Thousand Dollars an Hour

photo credit: Majo´s Photos One of my mentors describes a person or activity that wastes your time as a “time vampire”. This might be someone who repeatedly interrupts you for information they could easily find on their own – in other words, they’re really making a social call. It might be you checking CNN or […]