A competitor went out of business. What do you do first?

What’s the first thing you do? Crack open a cold one and party down? Nah. Save that for later. How about putting up a sign that welcomes all of their customers and start working on an ad piece that does the same thing? Good idea, but not the first thing. Raise your prices, since there’s […]

Competitors: How to easily keep an eye on them. Free.

When I was in the software business, I didn’t watch our competitors too much. For one thing, I really didn’t consider them competitors. Sure, we lost a sale to them once in a while, but more often than not, it was due to (I kid you not) lies and deception, or a misplaced idea about […]

Are you smarter than a dry cleaners?

For some time now, the news has covered Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson’s $54MM ( 54 million dollar ) lawsuit against Custom Cleaners, a dry cleaning store in Washington DC. Originally, the basis for Pearson’s lawsuit was about a pair of supposedly lost pants. Later the pants resurfaced, but the lawsuit was altered to be […]