Accepting change: How can you help?

New technology is full of emotional change. Everyone finds their own pace when it comes to accepting the changes that come when adopting new technology. With brand new technology, the differences in adoption rates widen even more. Some folks won’t touch new technology. Other people prefer to wait a little while and let someone else […]

On Change and Becoming a Leader

photo credit: ansik Not often do I post two guest posts in the same day, but this one can’t wait. The education-related portion of Steps Toward Becoming a Technology Leader: Advice to School Administrators is what originally caught my eye, but the root of the discussion has applications in every business, if not every life. […]

Do you need a Groundhog Day?

photo credit: ronnie44052 Today’s guest post from Paul Hannam does a nice job of using the movie Groundhog Day to illustrate a point about personal change. Changing from your worst day to your best day (his example), changing your business, even changing you. It’s a good read. Check it out it here.

Paying attention to changes

At first glance, you might think this is a video about climate change. Maybe it is, but there’s a story about a young, focused entrepreneur here. It’s also a story about making choices when change happens. Do you choose to sit and watch, or do you decide to adapt and flourish? In this video, a […]

Is your business stuck in the Dark Ages?

There’s just nothing better than making some grumpy old business obsolete. This week’s grumpy old business is the Associated Press (AP). Why? Because they have decided to start charging $2.50 per word when you excerpt their story (even though such excerpts are permitted under Fair Use as long as the excerpt is of reasonable length). […]