The Trust Economy

photo credit: MiikaS Today’s guest post comes from ChangeThis. Oddly enough, you’ll recognize a familiar theme 4 or 5 pages in (its a short 10 page document): “Business is Personal” 🙂 Check it out while I’m out in the sticks camping in the snow with the troop: Julien Smith and Chris Brogan‘s Trust Economies: Investigation into the […]

Twitter just doesnt make sense for business

Or maybe it does. See what Chris’ argument in today’s guest post, which is chock full of reasons why Twitter just might make sense for your business.

Insomnia and the Social Media Roadmap

The other night, Chris Brogan twittered that he couldn’t sleep. Not too much later, he tweeted again to say that he ended up writing a blog post. IMO, he needs to sleep less if this is the kind of stuff he creates when insomnia strikes. Today’s guest post from Chris is a great getting started […]

Free is good. So is not so free. Know the difference.

Today I’m down in Hamilton Montana at the Bitterroot Rendezvous with 300 other folks, including a bunch of Scouts.  Because I’d hate to have you go all weekend empty handed, and more importantly because I get questions at least once a week about the logic of giving away so much information and advice (like this blog) […]