Why does the phone ring?

photo credit: makelessnoise Dave Winer and to a lesser extent today, Seth Godin, have a lesson in listening for you today.  Dave is right on target with the programmers – but I think it can extend well past the IT department into every part of a business.  Check out Dave’s “It’s the users, dummy“.  Listening […]

I rescued a human today

photo credit: Sugar Pond Several times – including in the recent direct mail posts – we’ve talked about having the right conversation with your client or prospect. About Robert Collier’s comment “Enter the conversation already taking place in the prospect’s mind”. About looking at your business from the other side of the counter, thinking of […]

Teach your clients to be smarter, better educated buyers

We’ve talked about this topic a few times in the past, but today I have an example that you can learn from. First, take a look at the “Consumer Checklist” at FancyFortuneCookies.com. Don’t be distracted by the aging look of their site. That page is worth major dollars to you if you get the right […]

The High Art of Paying Attention

Most of you probably saw a brief mention here in the blog that I became a grandpa for the first time a mere three weeks ago today. This is one response that shows me someone is mastering the fine art of paying attention. It arrived in my mail on Saturday with a letter, and was […]